The Arc of Being Teachings™

I have created a special subset of writings and teachings called The Arc of Being Teachings™.

These writings and teachings are based on my experiences discovering and being my unique arc of being light essence.

you are a unique arc of being

your arc of being is your unique light essence

flowing through all your dimensions

flowing through your multidimensional self

as your true divine I Am

– Joe Hurley

The Arc of Being Teachings™ are unique tools, insights, guides, and inspirations to help you awaken to and discover your true divine I Am, as you flow as your divine light essence through your multidimensional self: body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

The Arc of Being Teachings™ started out as a series of in-depth teachings found in my 7-volume set of books called, Arc of Being: An In-Depth Guide To Helping You Discover And Celebrate Your Whole Self.

The Arc of Being Teachings™  then branched out into a nine-week healing online course, multiple healing guides, and hundreds of essays, poems, and sayings.

Today, The Arc of Being Teachings™ are found in most of my published guides, courses, and books.

You can see my most updated new information here: current writings and teachings.

Joe Hurley (Joseph Brian Hurley)
Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant
Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection
Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting