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My name is Joe Hurley.  Thank you for visiting my web site.

My unique gift is to see the cycles, patterns, and processes through which we live and create reality.  I see the divine essence that exists within each of us that is beyond our patterned ways of being.  I see the process of human consciousness awakening and how we move beyond conditioned ways into higher expanded divine awareness. 

My specific ability is to sense, feel, and know the process by which we create most pain, suffering, crisis, and conflict; both internally within ourselves and externally with those around us.  I also know the process by which we step into a totally new way of creating from wisdom, love, and light.  

Are you interested in learning more about living and creating from your true wisdom, love, and light?

Are you interested in truly awakening?

When you truly awaken, you become aware of your discomfort and you become aware of your wisdom, love, and light.   As you accept what your discomfort is saying and respond with your wisdom, love, and light, you transform.   You heal.   You begin living and creating in new ways from your true wisdom, love, and light.  


~ ~  My Free Resources ~ ~

Please take a moment and check out my Global Vision.  This is an overview of how human consciousness is evolving, with specific emphasis on the shift happening in our world right now, as we move from fear-based pain and suffering creation to joy-based wisdom, love, and light creation.

Browse my Writings and Teachings to learn more about the specific healing and awakening process.   Enjoy simple, easy, and fun motivational quotes and sayings.  Sink into heartwarming and inspirational poetry and prose.  Discover more specific, detailed, and advanced teachings with precise steps to guide and support you as you access and integrate new levels of your divine wisdom, love, and light.   

Be sure to review The Five-Step Healing Reaction Guide and The Four-Step Guide To Self-Healing.  These detailed guides give you specific action steps to take right now to begin accessing your wisdom, love, and light; to begin healing any personal symptoms of body, emotion, and mind; and to begin helping you move through any unpleasant reaction dynamics within your relationships so you can live from a place of your true wisdom, love, and light.


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If you would like to experience more of my writings and teachings, simply order a book or pick up a box set today!  

Get all seven volumes of The Arc of Being Teachings™ in one box set!  The Arc of Being Box Set is now available on Amazon.  

The Divine Heart Collection is also available on Amazon and is a comprehensive box set that contains all 15 books that I have published in one great collection.   

Simply go here for more information on my books and specials.




Please enjoy my website about opening to your true self and situation, embracing your true divine heart, expanding into the divine wisdom of your true higher consciousness, and experiencing peacefully the true nature of pure unconditional love. 

May you experience new levels of joy, healing, and abundance in your life always.  

Peace and blessings,

 Joe Hurley  Founder/Owner  A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting

Joe Hurley

Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant

Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection

Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting





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