Arc of Being: Volume 6

Arc of Being

An In-Depth Guide To Helping You Discover And Celebrate Your Whole Self

Volume 6 – Deep Healing

A Source of Light Publishing 2014

Arc of Being: Volume 6 – More Daily Lessons is an inspirational book of cutting-edge lessons and heartfelt sharing by author, visionary, and healing energy consultant Joe Hurley. It represents major teachings from his over 30 years of personal growth, multidimensional study, in-depth personal healing, and divine transformational experience.

Volume 6 consists of over 40 detailed lessons of inspiration, support, and divine guidance. These lessons are uplifting, specific, and include many personal examples. A few lessons are simple and easy to read. A few lessons are intermediate. A few lessons are more complex and advanced. These lessons center around facing deeper levels of discomfort and experiencing deeper levels of healing with divine wisdom, love, and light.

The information in Volume 6 is designed to help you in the following ways:

Section One

Daily Lessons

Chapter One

-To help you listen to your pain, and release it.
-To help you access your divine wisdom, compassion, and love.
-To help you clear any distortions creating your hurt.
-To help you face your discomfort and then open to grace and love when you are ready.
-To help you move beyond the problem/solution lens.
-To help you let go of control and flow into the space of pure unconditional love.

Chapter Two

-To help you say yes to moving beyond fear.
-To help you say yes to opening up to living life again.
-To help you heal any unpleasant memories so that you can live life fully again.

Chapter Three

-To help you see that love is all around you.
-To help you open to love within you.
-To help you see your underlying emotions and beliefs creating symptoms.
-To help you use your wisdom and love to heal your symptoms.

Chapter Four

-To help you understand new levels of advanced healing techniques.
-To help you understand the wisdom of becoming a divine facilitator within your multidimensional self and situation.
-To help you with advanced questions to ask yourself and situation when healing.
-To help you with advanced ideas to think about when healing.

Chapter Five

-To help you understand how advanced communication is a form of healing.
-To help you open your heart to a new way of healing.
-To help you have the courage to be in the dark, sense your spirit, open to the whole picture, and step into freedom.

Chapter Six

-To help you in creating your sanctuary.
-To help you in redefining your reality.
-To help you in letting go.
-To help you open to true support from within yourself.
-To help you in getting support in new ways.

Chapter Seven

-To help you see what is really at rope’s end.
-To help you understand about sensitive people.
-To help you understand about leaving reality and coming back.
-To help you open to your divine heart and be your beautiful light here in human form.

Chapter Eight

-To help you understand the process of the divine unification of your chakras.
-To help you understand the difference between knowing divine wisdom and acting on divine wisdom.
-To help you understand the evolution of divine action.

Section Two

Personal Sharing

Chapter Nine

-A personal journey into darkness.
-How I moved from fighting the old way to opening to the new way.
-Working with the fear of awakening.
-Honoring my I Am within the group.

Chapter Ten

-Giving pain a voice.
-Working with divine guides.
-Feeling like the angels abandoned me.
-Moving through the core emptiness.
-Accepting divine life.

Chapter Eleven

-Moving beyond the responsibility hook.
-Becoming light in times of need.
-Moving beyond rock bottom.
-Moving beyond the need to know, to fix, to solve, or cure.

Chapter Twelve

-Searching outside myself, into the divine realms, and inside my core.
-Becoming divine wisdom, love, and light.
-Moving beyond illusion into the fullness of life’s dance.

Joe Hurley
Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant
Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection
Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting