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The bulk of my writing began when I lived alone in a red cabin in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  It was in that red cabin that I went through my first major divine awakening.  I wrote down what was happening to me each day during this transformation and after four years I was overwhelmed with the amount of divine information that came through me.

The bulk of the wisdom from this earlier writing is now the foundation for The Arc of Being Teachings™ and my 17 books in The Divine Heart Collection.

Turning My Earlier Writings Into Books
In the beginning, I knew the ideas given to me in that red cabin were revolutionary.  Not much of the cutting-edge information was out in the world.  For years I dreamed of a way to distill that information into a clear and easy way for people to understand the divine awakening process.
After many years of trying to get my writings into a logical and linear format, I let go of trying.
I was actually just playing around with the magical words when I came up with the quotes for my first book, When Spirits Dance.
When Spirits Dance was my first published book – a true celebration of living, loving, knowing, and being.

A Deeper Energy Behind The Words 
I had a major breakthrough during the editing of When Spirits Dance.  After I showed the first draft to my mom, she shared with me her intuitive gut reaction.  From that reaction, I awakened to a deeper magic of energy.  I began to see that just putting the words together logically was not enough.  She guided me to discover that there was a deeper energy behind my writing.
From that point on, I began to sense how I felt about the words I used and the ideas that I communicated.  I began to sense the feel of each creation coming from within me.
From this new expanded awareness, I learned to pay attention to my own deeper emotions and intentions as I wrote and spoke.  I learned to be clearer and more intentional as I added deeper emotional and spiritual components to my works.
From this new awareness, I spent the next fifteen years rewriting all my writings from a much deeper place, making sure all my underlying energies were in true divine alignment with the words that were written and spoken.
To this day, I continue to sense what is underneath what I write and speak.  I also pay attention to the words that other people say and the logic and rationale that they use.  I go beneath what they say and sense what their energy is saying.  I pay attention to see if they really feel what they say, mean what they say, and believe what they say.  I pay attention to their deeper underlying intent.

A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting
I published the first edition of When Spirits Dance in 2000 through a company I created in the early 90’s, now called A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting.  My intention is to be a source of light in the world and to add divine creations of wisdom, love, and light to the world.

A Divine Self-Help Book 
With the success of When Spirits Dance, I was asked to write in more detail about the specific process of divine awakening and personal individuation.
I was excited.  I wanted to turn my writings into a self-help book that would stop pain and suffering and bring about deep peace and healing for the human race.
After writing and compiling the self-help book (eighteen years later),  I learned that the true awakening and healing process was not about stopping pain and suffering.  It was about facing what hurt and then awakening to and accepting one’s true and authentic self in the world.  It was about accepting what hurt and then responding from the pure divine wisdom, love, and light of one’s highest essence.
In 2006, I completed and published How To Be A Divine Presence In Everyday Life.

How To Be A Divine Presence In Everyday Life is truly a manual about learning how to open and awaken to the wisdom of body, emotion, thought, and spirit.  It is about listening to symptoms, learning from inner dialogue, and loving each aspect of being.  It is about awakening to the unconditional love and pure divine wisdom that is within each being. It is about accepting that as each person awakens to their physical, emotional, and mental aspects and awakens to their divine essence simultaneously, each person becomes a divine essence within their human creations.  Each person becomes a pure divine presence in their everyday life where magic and miracles are the new norm.”

More Books Would Follow
Later in 2006, I followed up How To Be A Divine Presence In Everyday Life with my third book, Parables of Light.

Parables of Light is a deep and joyful compilation of essays, prose, and poem that covers in detail the major aspects of awakening, individuating, healing, and connecting with the divine.”

I also wrote and published Beyond Illusion and Divine Heart Presence that year.

“Both books are meditation books filled with amazing quotes that I have come up with over the years about awakening to love, life, and the divine wisdom from the higher realms.  Beyond Illusion is a bit more edgy and artistic.  Divine Heart Presence is simply pure divine wisdom, warmth, love, and light.”

A Not So Subtle Shift To Teaching  
From my earlier writings, I had maybe a thousand or so pages of channeled writings to start with and a few decades later I turned these writings into five books.  I had self-published them and made them available in bookstores and online.  I did some bookstore talks and book signings.  I continued with freelance healing and consulting work.
I was getting good feedback from people, but something was missing inside me.  I expected a more powerful outcome from my works.
I decided to teach more specific lessons.
In 2007, I created and published two specific healing guides, The Four-Step Guide To Self-Healing™ and The Five-Step Healing Reaction Guide™.

“The Four-Step Guide To Self-Healing™ is a tried and true way to open to your symptoms, become aware of the underlying beliefs and emotions creating your symptoms, and to bring divine wisdom, love, and light into yourself and situation to heal your symptoms.”

The Five-Step Healing Reaction Guide™ shows you how you are not stuck in your reaction dynamics.  As you awaken and become aware, you can move through the five stages and become free from specific trigger reactions.”

In 2007, I also created the first level of my online healing course, Lessons of Wisdom For Love & For Life™.

Branching Out
In 2008, I had some fun creating two internet movies: Divine Wisdom and One Minute Left.
In 2009, I created two online social networks to share my writings and teachings. (I have since let them go.)
In 2010, I started sharing my writings and teachings on my blog, facebook, linked in, and twitter pages.
In 2010, I also finished the second, third, fourth, and fifth level of my online healing and awakening course.

A Deeper Acceptance Of The Whole Self
In 2011, I began transforming my online course and my remaining additional writings and teachings into a digital multi-volume set called Arc of Being: An In-Depth Guide To Helping You Discover And Celebrate Your Whole Self.
This digital set of teachings marked a new evolution for me.
With this step, I began to see that each aspect of the self was divine in its own way.  The spirit realm holds divine information, love, and light beyond imagination, but it was time to discover and embrace the unique levels of wisdom, love, and light held in one’s body, emotions, and mind.
This new step was truly about a deeper acceptance of the multidimensional whole self.

More Published Writings & Teachings
In 2012, I published the first two volumes of Arc of Being: An In-Depth Guide To Helping You Discover And Celebrate Your Whole Self.  I also published two new healing and inspirational books called, You Are A Song & Cutting Trail.
In 2013, I finished the remaining five volumes of Arc of Being: An In-Depth Guide To Helping You Discover And Celebrate Your Whole Self.  I also wrote and published a book of poems called Poems of Light.
In 2014, I compiled all seven volumes of Arc of Being: An In-Depth Guide To Helping You Discover And Celebrate Your Whole Self into a box set and I compiled all 15 of my published books into a box set called The Divine Heart Collection.
My original writings had now all come together.  It was an amazing journey bringing these teachings to the world.  I had truly grown and evolved with them.

Editing & Sharing
In 2015, I began going over all my books and updating each edition – making them much clearer and easy to read.

In 2016, I began putting my favorite quotes, sayings, teachings, and poems onto beautiful photographs and sharing them daily with the world over social media.

In 2017, I continued updating and sharing my works.  I also began rebuilding my entire website to share more clearly my vision and teachings.

In 2018, I continued updating and sharing my works on social media.  I began working on my next book called The Man Who Walks With Angels – a book of short stories about my experiences awakening, healing, and connecting with my angels and guides.

The Unexpected

In 2019, unexpectedly, I had a stroke.  I had many medical issues.  Just as unexpectedly, I started to came back to life.  Over time, I learned how to read, speak, walk, and move again.  And over time, I learned how to accept the help that so many of you gave me.   Thank you.

In 2020, it was a year of opening to the world again.  Ironically, just as the world was shutting down for so many due to covid, I was just learning how to find my own way back to life.    

In 2021, it has been a time of unique levels of death and life.  It has been a time of opening to my own loss and learning how to grieve.  It has been a time of accepting the ending of my business, career, car, home, money, possessions, and so much of the physical and mental familiar.   It has been a time of accepting what I can and cannot do, in each moment.

In 2022, it has been a time of letting go of what I expected my life to be and to truly go forward as my I Am.    I am learning to write again, opening to travel, and learning to give back to the world what I uniquely can.  



Thank you for your interest in my writings and teachings, and me,
Peace and blessings,

Joe Hurley
Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant
Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection
Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting


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