When Spirits Dance

When Spirits Dance

Second Edition

A Source of Light Publishing 2006

When Spirits Dance is a unique book of inspirational sayings. The wonderful messages of hope, wisdom, and kindness weave into a larger picture describing the flow of your growth process and the magic of human evolution.

When Spirits Dance is a positive book that you will feel good about having in your library, giving as a gift, or giving to yourself. The unique healing energy will help you when you seek that extra bit of wisdom, clarity, and inspiration.

When Spirits Dance will inspire you and guide you in the following areas:

-Taking time to get to know you.
-Taking time to discover and celebrate your true divine essence.
-Taking time to find your center and be your true self during times of change.
-Working with change to make your growth process easier.

-Facing your fear and seeing that you are more.
-Accessing courage, facing your reactions, and owning your true self.
-Acting from a place of true honor and respect.

-Accepting the wisdom of surrender.
-Learning that when it gets too hard to hold on, it is okay to let go.
-Flowing into the new way.
-Letting go of control, accepting what is, and accepting who you are.

-Expanding beyond achievement and celebrating your true being.
-Opening to creativity from a place of your true divine intention.
-Honoring the leadership of you being you.

-Going beyond understanding into the wisdom of pure divine knowing.
-Going into your heart and truly knowing love.
-Letting yourself truly receive love.

-Accessing your true divine spirit as your source of miracles and manifesting.
-Experiencing your divine oneness connection.
-Celebrating life as your process, your dance, and the magic of your true divine I Am.

Joe Hurley
Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant
Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection
Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting