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A Bit About My Work

I am an author, self-publisher, spiritual consultant, energy intuitive, multidimensional communication specialist, and global visionary.

I have spent many decades doing spiritual consulting and energy healings.
I can wave my hands around just about anything and attune to the energy using clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and claircognition.
I can also run an unlimited amount of energies through my hands to assist with awakenings, healings, and transformations.

I have spent most of my life doing transformational alchemy in the multidimensional realms.
I am empathic and telepathic and work on many levels guided by what I sense, feel, and know.
My human hands (and divine hands) assist me during healing transformations.
I also work with angels, guides, and The Holy Spirit.

A main focus of my work is creating divine healings through multidimensional dialogue.  In this process, I am fully present and dialogue with many types of consciousness: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
I do this within my own multidimensional fields.
I do this with clients to heal the source of their symptoms and to help them with their individuation, awakening, and ascension process.
I do this within the larger multidimensional matrix to assist unique energy systems, group thought forms, and other types of consciousness with the individuation, awakening, and ascension process.

I often share what I get through my inspirational quotes, sayings, poems, essays, books, movies, and other teachings.

My passion is to support, inspire, encourage, and uplift those who are awakening, individuating, and healing on all levels.

A Bit About My Past Experience

I hold a B.A. in Speech Communication.  (I went to Western Washington University.)

I have attended graduate school specializing in family counseling and business consulting.  (I went to The Leadership Institute Of Seattle.)

I have a certificate in Spiritual Healing.  (I took a five-level course in Vibronics™ – this was an advanced, in-depth, multiyear series of vibrational healing classes.)

I have held a wide variety of jobs in both the social work and business sectors.  (I have held many unique jobs in management, sales, and labor over the past forty years and have run my own publishing company since the early 90’s.)

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