Arc of Being: Volume 4

Arc of Being

An In-Depth Guide To Helping You Discover And Celebrate Your Whole Self

Volume 4 – More Daily Lessons


A Source of Light Publishing 2014


Arc of Being: Volume 4 – More Daily Lessons is an inspirational book of cutting-edge lessons and heartfelt sharing by author, visionary, and healing energy consultant Joe Hurley. It represents major teachings from his over 30 years of personal growth, multidimensional study, in-depth personal healing, and divine transformational experience.

Volume 4 consists of over 69 detailed lessons of inspiration, support, and divine guidance. These lessons are uplifting, specific, and include many personal examples. Most lessons are simple and easy to read. A few lessons are intermediate. A few lessons are more complex and advanced.

The information in Volume 4 is designed to help you in the following ways:


Section One

Daily Lessons

Chapter One

-To help you understand the illusion of separation.
-To help you transcend the belief in separation.
-To help you understand your spiral home.
-To help you know that your spirit is what works.
-To help you understand your true divine flow.
-To help you step into the new way.
-To help you step into your new level of energetic freedom.

Chapter Two

-To help you understand more about your divine awakening and divine wisdom.
-To help you speak your truth in any situation.
-To help you embrace your true divine wisdom.
-To help you enhance your ability to manifest.
-To help you use your breath to manifest, heal, transform, and awaken.

Chapter Three

-To help you move through any fear of letting go.
-To help you see the magic of being spirit in human form.
-To help you with new ways of awakening into wisdom and love.
-To help you accept your own divine timing.
-To help you listen to your heart.
-To help you accept your place in the new consciousness of individuated oneness.

Chapter Four

-To help you when you do not know your place in this world.
-To help you when you are in deep transition.
-To help you when you feel powerless.
-To help you when you feel lost.
-To help you when you are dealing with power and control issues.
-To help you move beyond ego.
-To help you move beyond choice.
-To help you move beyond conceptual reality.

Chapter Five

-To help you with the joy of movement and flow.
-To help you see that you are not alone.
-To help you see that you do not have to wait.
-To help you see that you are beyond death.
-To help you see that you are a divine being.


Section Two

Personal Sharing

Chapter Six

-My unique path.
-My prayer.
-My creative awakening.
-Unlocking the codes.
-Releasing, then deep release, and then reconnecting.

Chapter Seven

-Awakening to love.
-Moving from manager to creative designer.
-A deeper letting go.

Chapter Eight

-The struggle to relax the mind and embrace the mystery.
-Accepting my tantrums and learning to relax more.
-Learning to accept my being.
-Opening to my heart.
-Embracing my truth.

Chapter Nine

-Moving beyond the survival instinct.
-Moving beyond anger.
-Feeling out of control.
-Embracing my divine existence.

Chapter Ten

-Healing the human heart.
-Moving beyond solving and fixing.
-Coming into the light.
-Helping the caregiver.
-Helping the inner child.
-A personal sharing of connecting.
-A true kind of receiving.


Joe Hurley
Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant
Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection
Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting