Beyond Illusion

Beyond Illusion

Second Edition

A Source of Light Publishing 2012

Beyond Illusion is a wonderful book of inspirational sayings.

Beyond Illusion is devoted to those who are interested in expanding beyond the veils of illusion, and for those who are opening up to the higher frequencies of wisdom, love, and light.

The magical sayings are fun and rhythmic. The divine messages are easy to read, filled with joy, and inspired by real experiences.

Are you ready to take the next step on your healing and awakening journey?

Beyond Illusion will inspire you and guide you in the following areas:

-Letting go.
-Expanding beyond duality.
-Moving beyond illusion.
-Moving beyond scarcity.

-Looking inward.
-Opening to divine wisdom and knowing.
-Being present.
-Opening to your true ability.

-Opening to oneness.
-Opening to light.
-Embracing change.
-Opening to flow.

-Accepting freedom.
-Letting go of judgment.
-Opening to divine guidance.
-Letting go of pain.

-Opening to healing.
-Opening to your heart.
-Opening to your spirit.
-Embracing life.

Joe Hurley
Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant
Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection
Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting