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Core Self-Help Books: Technical, In-Depth, & Instructional 


Arc of Being: Volume 1 - The Foundation

Arc of Being: Volume 7 - Healing Guides

How To Be A Divine Presence In Everyday Life 


Cutting-Edge Self-Help Books: Advanced Lessons Blended With Inspirational Prose & Personal Sharing


Arc of Being: Volume 2 - Daily Lessons

Arc of Being: Volume 3 - More Daily Lessons

Arc of Being: Volume 4 - More Daily Lessons

Arc of Being: Volume 5 - More Daily Lessons

Arc of Being: Volume 6 - Deep Healing


Uplifting, Healing, Inspirational Meditation Books: Poems, Sayings, Prose


Parables of Light

Poems of Light

You Are A Song

Cutting Trail


Uplifting, Healing, Inspirational Meditation Books: Quotes 


When Spirits Dance

Beyond Illusion

Divine Heart Presence


Box Sets


Arc of Being Box Set: Volumes 1-7 of The Arc of Being Teachings™ 

The Divine Heart Collection:  All Books Published by Joe Hurley



Popular Requested Studies by Joe Hurley


The Arc of Being Teachings are found in Arc of Being Volumes 1-7.  


The Four-Step Guide To Self-Healing can be found originally in How To Be A Divine Presence In Everyday Life and again in more detail in Arc of Being: Volume 7.


The Five-Step Healing Reaction Guide is found in Arc of Being: Volume 7.  







All books are available to download instantly from the Amazon Kindle Store!

You do not have to have a kindle.   You can download directly to your computer, cell phone, tablet, or other digital device directly from the Kindle store.  

Simply go to order page on Amazon to download the free app that best fits your computer or device and the book that you order will go directly to your computer or device to read.  

Click the Amazon logo below to go directly to my bibliography page at Amazon.  Select the book you want and then follow the directions for ordering.   


(Amazon only lists my first ten books on the biblio page, but if you click the  See search results for author "Joe Hurley" in Books  at the bottom of the list on the biblio page you will get to my full list of books.)





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